Chon Buri

The houses are situated in Chon Buri area at Jomtien Beach, Na Jomtien Beach. The area is known for being the cheapest tourist area in Thailand. It is also known for its wonderful beaches, all attractions and its fine golf courses. There are membership cards ( that apply to most golf courses, bowling, softball, fishing and darts. Not far from our house is fine beaches, downtown, shops, markets and restaurants. Although close and easy to get to paradise and tourist destination.

Around our area there are many good and cheap markets. There are also large and modern supermarkets. Huge selection of Thai restaurants, but also from many other countries. There are cinemas, bowling alleys and sports arenas. There are a lot of tennis, badminton, mini golf, etc. There is no risk that you should not have anything to do when you live in the Chonburi area.

Jomtien beach is a long and wonderful beach. There are many water activities and great service. You can also take a boat from Jomtien and Pattaya out to them wonderful islands. Baan Amphur is known for its wonderful and inexpensive seafood restaurants. Baan Amphur is also known for its quiet and beautiful beach (Na Jomtien). Just outside Pattaya and Baan Amphur Koh Larn island group is located. A bit further down there is the beautiful island of Koh Samet. Not far from our area's golf courses, go-cart, billiard halls, shooting galleries, parks, etc. For families there are such Pattaya badpark, Crocodile Park, Tropical Garden, Elephant Village, Tiger Zoo, Monkey park, bungee jumping, karting, Temple, etc.